The Voices Of My Soul

I enjoy writing.  It relaxes me.
It makes me to take charge to nurture my mind and spirit.
It is far better than the burden of thinking and talking.

Writing is self discovery.
Writing is a way towards my self conviction:
I Become What I Think About. 
The Me I See, The Me I Will Be.

My writings are my way to communicate with the Universe.  They are my expressions of my inner voice.  They are voices of my soul.  Often, they are about little prayers for my development, growth and well BE-ing.  Often, they are meant to shape my spirituality.

These writings are my conversation with God.  These writings are my ways to reach out to Him.

Do know that Reiki Sanctuary is NOT a religious blog nor it is created with the intention and aspiration to be one.

I am not a strictly religious human being but I have a strong conviction to God.  Any resemblance, in the postings here, to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

Fact that you are here, arriving at this blog,is no co-incidence.  It is no accident that finds you visiting my humble blog.  Welcome to Reiki Sanctuary.  "Thank You" for being here.

We are continually (unconsciously, subconsciously and consciously) seek to learn.  Every synchronicity has purposes.  It happens to bring special meaning into our everyday lives.  It signifies the destiny of the Universe.  It is about an unseen and non-forceful consciousness manifests itself into our lives.  It is about personal guidance.

We are here together because the purpose is pointing us in a specific direction.  They are paths our lives may take by which our personal destinies evolve.

Do continue to read the posts.  Hopefully, we shall learn together.  Hopefully, my thoughts are your thoughts too.  Hopefully, we are both the teacher and the student. 

Hopefully, you might find some answers that you have looking for.  As much the posts have brought me to my own realization.

However, do remember, what I say (write) here is not important but what you think will make the difference.

    About Me

    I am a certified Master in Traditional USUI REIKI and KARUNA REIKI. I am also a certified practitioner in MAGNIFIED HEALING and INNER DANCE.

    I have been teaching and conducting spirituality, healing and energy works (including Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Spinal Qiqong) for more than two decades.

    These are the classes I conduct:
    (for Individual and/or Groups)

    a) Life / Motivational Coach
    b) Usui Reiki (all the 4 levels)
    c) Awareness Before Change
    d) Born Rich
    e) Tibetan Geomancy ** (reading and consultation)

    ** Please have your house plan


    In Reiki Sanctuary, we feel blessed. We feel the abundance and greatly appreciate for all that have been showered. We can only keep counting ..

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    All emails are private and confidential

    Need Healing?

    I offer Reiki Distant Healing (See REIKI HOSPITAL OF LIFE for more information) for those who seek healing, higher & spiritual guidance.

    Do contact me should you want me to add you to this healing space. You might want to share your issues via email.

    I do not charge for doing this service; there is no fee involved. My intention is pure as I truly believe it is always good that we can attain to be with our Highest Self.

    We deserve to be healthy, peaceful and joyful.